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Welcome to our new Podcast!

Welcome to the first in a new series of blog posts linking in with our new podcast series Parliament Unpacked.

Each fortnight we’ll be releasing a new podcast episode focusing in on a particular area of parliamentary procedure, from the traditional parliamentary timetable, to how MPs raise urgent issues in Parliament, to the differences between the legislative processes in the UK and devolved parliaments.

Each podcast will be accompanied by a blog post, and we’ll be releasing bite sized explainers on our Twitter and Instagram channels too.

In this week’s pilot episode, each of the team took on the challenge of giving an overview of one of the UK’s parliaments in under 60 seconds, listing the key facts and figures about its formation, the number of representatives it holds, the powers it has and how it does its job. Spoiler alert – we failed. 60 seconds is no way near enough time to explain what happens in each of the four parliaments of the UK… but thankfully (cue excellently planned tee-up…) we have an entire series of podcasts to come which will look in detail at each of the parliaments and the processes and procedures that take place within them.

In the next episode we’ll be looking at the parliamentary calendar in Westminster – running through the timings of a parliamentary session, and what a average day’s business looks like in the House of Commons.

So, hop on over to our podcast page or search for Parliament Unpacked on Spotify or Apple Podcasts and let us know what you think.


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