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Who are the new 155 MPs?

As you would expect with a new intake of MPs, a large proportion of them have a background in politics, with around half having previously held elected office. This includes a significant number of councillors, a sitting MEP (Alun Smyth), two London Assembly Members (Gareth Bacon and Florence Eshalomi), and four members of the Northern Ireland Assembly. 15 of the new intake, roughly 10%, had already previously served as MPs, with the most prominent of these being former Education Minister Edward Timpson.

Around 1/3rd also have direct experience of working in Westminster politics, including many who worked for MPs as assistants, researchers and caseworkers. The new MPs also come with a vast array of experience in political roles, including the Secretariat for the APPG on Adult Social Care Charlotte Nichols, the Campaign Director for Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaigns Sam Tarry, and Richard Thomson, who had been Head of Research for the SNP at Westminster, and Head of Campaigns at the SNP’s Headquarters.

Following in the footsteps of the likes of Matt Hancock and Jonathan Ashworth, seven of the new MPs have worked as Special Advisers in Government. Claire Coutinho had been working for Sajid Javid in the Treasury, while Danny Kruger worked closely with Boris Johnson and Laura Trott had been Director of Strategic Communications for David Cameron.


The General Election saw many MPs with legal backgrounds lose their seats, such as ex-Attorney General Dominic Grieve, ex-Justice Secretary David Gauke, and former leader of The Independent Group for Change Anna Soubry. However, they have been swiftly replaced by another set of around 15 legal professionals looking to make an impact on the political scene, such as the new MP for Darlington Peter Gibson. Gibson had acquired and grown his own legal practice, before it was taken over by national law firm Kingly Solicitors earlier this year.

Finance and Business

Upwards of 20% of the new intake also have experience working in business and finance related industries, ranging from those who founded and ran their own companies, to accountants and financial advisers. Some of these new MPs may look to cut their teeth in Parliament by attempting to get a seat on the Treasury Committee or Public Accounts Committee.


The NHS was, as always, an issue widely spoken about during the election, with Labour repeatedly accusing the Conservatives of preparing to ‘sell off’ the NHS as part of a trade deal with the United States. It was somewhat ironic, then, that the first concrete sign of the dramatic election result was NHS worker Ian Levy winning Blyth Valley for the Conservatives from Labour.

Around 10% have worked in professions related to healthcare, such as social care workers, an A&E doctor, a GP, and an oncology nurse.  As with law, these new MPs will be replacing some former high-profile MPs with backgrounds in the same sector, such as Phillip Lee and Chair of the Health Committee Sarah Wollaston.


Following in the footsteps of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove in swapping media for politics are a small grouping of journalists and ex-journalists. Approximately 5% of those elected have worked in a mix of television, radio and news media.  Whether this grouping contains a future Prime Minister remains to be seen…


From our understanding, four of the new intake have military experience, serving in the British Army and the RAF. Stuart Anderson, the new MP for Wolverhampton South West, was shot in the foot during his first year of service, but continued his career and undertook three operational tours with the Royal Green Jackets. MPs returning to the Commons include Flick Drummond, who established the APPG on Cyber Security, and Jason McCartney, who had served on the NATO Parliamentary Assembly UK Delegation.  Other MPs elected include a cyber-security expert, an MOD contractor who supported veterans into employment, and a Commander of the Army Engagement Unit.

Best of the Rest

This new set of MPs also contains some who have far from orthodox backgrounds, with an entertaining mix of careers and jobs represented. The highlights include Virginia Crosbie, who worked as a dolphin trainer for Terry Nutkin; safari tour guide Katherine Fletcher; and serial game show contestant (and winner), Aaron Bell.

See the full list, by sector, below:Local GovernmentAbena Oppong-AsareLabourAlex Davies-JonesLabourAlexander StaffordConservativeAllan DoransSNPAndy CarterConservativeBen EverittConservativeBrendan Clarke-SmithConservativeCarla LockhartDUPCaroline AnsellConservativeCherilyn MackroryConservativeChris LoderConservativeChristian WakefordConservativeClaudia WebbeLabourColum EastwoodSDLPCraig WilliamsConservativeDarren HenryConservativeDave DooganSNPDavid SimmondsConservativeDuncan BakerConservativeFeryal ClarkLabourFleur AndersonLabourFlick DrummondConservativeFlorence EshalomiLabourGagan MohindraConservativeGareth BaconConservativeGary SambrookConservativeGreg SmithConservativeHolly Mumby-CroftConservativeIan ByrneLabourJames DalyConservativeJames DaviesConservativeJames GrundyConservativeJamie WallisConservativeJane HuntConservativeJane StevensonConservativeJo GideonConservativeJohn FinucaneSinn FeinJulie MarsonConservativeKate OsborneLabourLia NiciConservativeMarco LonghiConservativeMarco LonghiConservativeMark JenkinsonConservativeMary FoyLabourMiriam CatesConservativeMunira WilsonLiberal DemocratNickie AikenConservativeNicola RichardsConservativeOlivia BlakeLabourPaul BristowConservativePaul HolmesConservativePaul HowellConservativeRachel HopkinsLabourRobbie MooreConservativeRobert LarganConservativeRobin MillarConservativeSally-Ann HartConservativeSarah AthertonConservativeScott BentonConservativeSelaine SaxbyConservativeSimon BaynesConservativeStephen FarryAllianceStephen FlynnSNPSteven BonnarSNPSuzanne WebbConservativeTahir AliLabourParliamentary/Party StaffAbena Oppong-AsareLabourAlex Davies-JonesLabourAlexander StaffordConservativeAmy CallaghanSNPAnthony BrowneConservativeAnthony MangnallConservativeBell Ribeiro-AddyLabourCherilyn MackroryConservativeClaire CoutinhoConservativeClaudia WebbeLabourDaisy CooperLiberal DemocratDanny KrugerConservativeDehenna DavidsonConservativeElliot ColburnConservativeGary SambrookConservativeIan ByrneLabourJames MurrayLabourJames SunderlandConservativeJames WildConservativeJane HuntConservativeJohn NicolsonSNPJoy MorrisseyConservativeKenny MacAskillSNPLaura TrottConservativeLee AndersonConservativeMargaret FerrierSNPMark FletcherConservativeNavendu MishraLabourNicola RichardsConservativeOwen ThompsonSNPPaul HolmesConservativeRichard HoldenConservativeRichard ThomsonSNPRobert LarganConservativeRuth EdwardsConservativeSam TarryLabourSarah OlneyLiberal DemocratSarah OwenLabourScott BentonConservativeSelaine SaxbyConservativeSimon JuppConservativeTaiwo OwatemiLabourTom HuntConservativeVirginia CrosbieConservativeSpecial AdviserAndrew GriffithConservativeAnthony MangnallConservativeClaire CoutinhoConservativeCraig WilliamsConservativeDanny KrugerConservativeJames WildConservativeLaura TrottConservativeRichard HoldenConservativeSimon JuppConservativeBusiness Aaron BellConservativeAndrew GriffithConservativeChris ClarksonConservativeClaire CoutinhoConservativeDavid SimmonsConservativeImran Ahmad-KhanConservativeJerome MayhewConservativeJo GideonConservativeJulie MarsonConservativeKarl McCartneyConservativeKatherine FletcherConservativeNick FletcherConservativeOwen ThompsonSNPRichard FullerConservativeRichard ThomsonSNPSara BritcliffeConservativeSarah OlneyLib DemSelaine SaxbyConservativeSimon BaynesConservativeSteven BonnarSNPSuzanne WebbConservativeTheo ClarkeConservativeFinancial ServicesAngela RichardsonConservativeAntony HigginbothamConservativeDavid SimmondsConservativeDuncan BakerConservativeFelicity BuchanConservativeGareth DaviesConservativeJulie  MarsonConservativeMiriam CatesConservativePaul HowellConservativeRichard FullerConservativeRob RobertsConservativeRobert LarganConservativeSaqib BhattiConservativeSimon BaynesConservativeSteven BonnarSNPSuzanne WebbConservativeLawAlyn SmithSNPDaisy CooperLib DemEdward TimpsonConservativeJames DalyConservativeJerome MayhewConservativeJohn FinucaneSinn FeinKarl McCartneyConservativeLaura FarrisConservativeMatt VickersConservativeNatalie ElphickeConservativePeter GibsonConservativeSally-Ann HartConservativeSarah DinesConservativeShaun BaileyConservativeSiobhan BaillieConservativeTom RandallConservativePublic AffairsAlex Davies-JonesLabourAlex StaffordConservativeElliot ColburnConservativeFay JonesConservativeFlorence EshalomiLabourLaura TrottConservativeMunira WilsonLiberal DemocratNicki AikenConservativeNicola RichardsConservativeOlivia BlakeLabourPaul BristowConservativePaul HolmesConservativeHealthcareIan LevyConservativeJames DaviesConservativeKieran MullanConservativeKim JohnsonLabourLuke EvansConservativeMary FoyLabourNadia WhittomeLabourNeale HanveyIndependent (Suspended from SNP)Olivia BlakeLabourSarah AthertonConservativeSarah OwenLabourTaiwo OwatemiLabourTrade Union Charlotte NicholsLabourJonathon GullisConservativeKate OsborneLabourKim JohnsonLabourMick WhitleyLabourPaula BarkerLabourSam TarryLabourTahir AliLabourConsultancyAndy CarterConservativeBen EverittConservativeChris ClarksonConservativeJamie WallisConservativeRichard FullerConservativeEducationBrendan Clarke-SmithConservativeCaroline AnsellConservativeJonathan GullisConservativeVirginia CrosbieConservativeMembers of the Northern Ireland AssemblyCarla LockhartDUPClaire HannaSDLPColum EastwoodSDLPStephen FarryAlliancePoliceAllan DoransSNPDarren HenryConservativeKieran MullanConservativeWendy ChamberlainLiberal DemocratDefenceJames SunderlandConservativeJason McCartneyConservativeSarah AthertonConservativeStuart AndersonConservativeWendy ChamberlainLiberal DemocratCyberRuth EdwardsConservativeSimon FellConservativeDiplomatsImran Ahmad-KhanConservativeMark LoganConservativeHousing Bethan WinterLabourJames MurrayLabourNatalie ElphickeConservativeJournalismAndy CarterConservativeJason McCartneyConservativeJohn NicolsonSNPRichard ThomsonSNPRob ButlerConservativeSimon JuppConservativeCharity SectorDavid JohnstonConservativeFelicity BuchanConservativeSiobhan BaillieConservativeThe ArtsJane StevensonConservativeJoy MorisseyConservativeInternational DevelopmentClaire HannaSDLPTheo ClarkeConservativeScientistFeryal ClarkConservativeVirginia CrosbieConservativeMisc.Safari Tour GuideKatherine FletcherConservativeProject ManagementDarren HenryConservativeTaxi DriverIan ByrneLabourITCherilyn MackroryConservativeDevelopmentFleur AndersonLabourCar Factory WorkerMick WhitleyLabourHuman ResourcesRachel HopkinsLabourCivil EngineerMarco LonghiConservativeElectronic EngineerMark JenkinsonConservativeEngineerRobin MillarConservativeMedia ProducerLia NiciConservativeMiningLee AndersonConservativePropertyGagan MohindraConservativeMarketing and Digital CommunicationsDean RussellConservativeManufacturing Mark EastwoodConservativeHospitalityKate GriffithsConservativeCommunicationsMark LoganConservativeMerchant NavyMick WhitleyLabourSalesMark EastwoodConservativeDolphin TrainerVirginia CrosbieConservativeCounter Terrorism ExpertAlicia KearnsConservativeEquine VetNeil HudsonConservativeMedia Relations ManagerTom HuntConservativeConsultant Psychiatrist Ben SpencerConservativePostal ServiceTahir AliLabourRailChris LoderConservativeRetail ManagementAmanda SollowayConservativeSalesMargaret FerrierSNPFinancial RecruitmentGareth BaconConservativeSocial Mobility ExpertDavid JohnstonConservativeTechnical AuthorMark JenkinsonConservativeMember of the European ParliamentAlyn SmithSNPCouncil WorkerPaula BarkerLabour


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